Crossway has always invested generously. In 2014, about 50 people invested in prayer, fundraising, and ministry – “setting up and tearing down” in an elementary school. Then we outgrew the school and moved into our current space. Then we launched a 2nd and then a 3rd worship service. God multiplied 50 people into 500 – and generous investment for the gospel is needed as much as ever.

Crossway Bible Church in the early days at the school.
People Entering Crossway Bible Church Building


We love it!…and…the facility is no longer a fit. This plant we’ve “re-potted” a few times needs its permanent soil to continue thriving. Worshipping in 3 services is a temporary solution, straining our volunteers and togetherness. The children’s space won’t work long-term. And our escalating rent is better used toward a larger owned facility.


“The Word of God increased and multiplied!” (Acts 12:24). By God’s grace, increasing & multiplying… 

disciples – space to keep growing as God allows

togetherness – 2 services – “working 1 / worshipping 1” – more unified worshipping, serving, and between services

stewardship – of facility expenses…stabilized and building toward ownership

legacy – staying power spanning generations… children growing up here and becoming leaders

church-planting – not the “tallest tree in town” but a hardy oak large enough to send out trained pastors and core groups – and back-filled with fresh leaders

international partners – resourcing sister churches with our time, talent, and treasure


Please pray and prepare for generous investing in a fresh way – for faith-filled hearts and sacrificial living. We are praying for 100% PARTICIPATION from this church – trusting God in a new way – and investing to see His work increase and multiply!



Crossway Bible Church is a church of disciple-making disciples – that’s what our ministry is all about. We believe God is leading us to increase and multiply in a way that stewards our resources and fosters a growing stability and togetherness with one-another.

•Purchase and renovate a permanent facility.

•Gather in this facility for worship and equipping through God’s Word.

•Make disciples by boldly sharing the gospel in our communities.



Crossway also has a vision to see Christ-exalting, Bible- preaching, disciple-making churches throughout all of San Antonio and the Central/South Texas region. We believe God is calling us to raise up leaders and pastors to plant and revitalize churches throughout this region.

• Equip ministry leaders through internships and pastoral residencies.

• Train and support core groups to plant vertical churches.

• Send people to be part of the planting and work of these churches.



The gospel is the only hope for the world – and Christ is calling His followers to help carry that gospel to the nations. We believe the Lord is moving us to partner with like-minded churches across the world to train and equip planters, pastors, and other leaders.

• Identify strategic partner churches around the globe.

• Resource these churches to make disciples and plant more vertical churches through teaching, training, and trips.



What building is under consideration?

The proposed building is the former Gold’s Gym at 15759 San Pedro – about 500 yards from our current location!

How big is this building?

About 36,000 square feet – in which we would create a worship center to seat about 500, adequate classroom space for children, youth, and equipping courses, and staff/intern offices. This would allow us to grow to a size of roughly 1,000 in Sunday morning attendance, and about 25% of that number would be kids. There is plenty of parking for two services and space for an outdoor playground.

How would the kid and student spaces be organized?

We’ll always be looking at teacher to student ratios and raising up new servants. While we don’t have plans to change our model for discipleship, we will look for ways to set up spaces and gathering times to maximize helping make little disciples. Floor plans are under development!

Do we currently have any debt, and will we take on any additional debt?

While Crossway currently has no debt per se, our lease obligation is over $14,000 per month. We have already received an offer to finance the proposed building at a monthly payment of less than our current rent! Of course renovation costs will increase that payment, but we expect our monthly costs to stay in step with anticipated budgets.  We are committed to living within our means as an individual/family household would.

Do we have savings for a downturn in the economy?

We hold 3-6 months of operating cushion in the bank and plan to continue this pattern.

Why not make this campaign solely focused on getting our new building?

A new facility is certainly our biggest financial need, but we want to keep our eyes simultaneously on other things like church planting and international partnerships – lest the priority of those aspects of our mission be temporarily forgotten. Additionally, we do not yet know the exact size or sequence of the opportunities that may come, and we’d like to respond to each without unnecessarily limiting our options.

What is the expected timeline?

We hope to close on the proposed building in January 2021, renovate until early summer 2021, and move in late summer 2021. We understand the added general uncertainties given the coronavirus pandemic, but we also believe that we can enthusiastically move forward together with an “if the Lord wills” humble heart posture.

What would be the condition of the building when we move in?

Our renovations will be based off of a Master Plan for the entire facility; however we will phase our build-out in order to do things with both excellence and fiscal responsibility. We don’t expect to have renovated every square inch when we first move in, but we do expect to have plenty of beautifully built-out space to worship and minister in.

How many Sunday worship services would we plan to have in the new building?

Two Sunday morning worship services has proven to be an ideal for our church. This symmetry allows each of us both to serve and worship with our church family each week – and “work one and worship one” also provides the opportunity to fellowship with our whole church body between the services. However, the new building size will allow our whole church to comfortably gather for prayer times, worship nights, member meetings, and other special events.

How much more immediate cash (down payment for purchase and renovation) do we need to close on this proposed building?

Our architects and general contractors are finishing these estimates, but we expect we will need to save up between $350,000 to $450,000 from September through November.