Ministry Acceleration Fund is set up to help boost us into any ministry needs the church may have. This could be a building, a new hire, or special piece of equipment. Whatever it may be we want to be ready for it.

The purpose of the Ministry Acceleration Fund is to situate our congregation to be able to quickly seize strategic opportunities – those that would allow for “ministry acceleration.”

What does that look like? The most likely expectation is a facility opportunity – a building for our congregation to worship, to equip, to expand kid’s and student’s ministry, to train church planters, and to accommodate all of our expanding ministry. We’ve outgrown our current space – yet moving somewhere else will require some strategic investments. That’s why we’re building this special funding project together.

The fund is flexible and allows for investing in key capital improvements or a strategic staff hire – if those are the ministry accelerators needed.

As Proverbs speaks of the ant: “…consider her ways, and be wise….she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.” We want to be well prepared for multiplying ministry as God unfolds the future.

Goal: $500,000

Balance as of March 17, 2019: $59,866

To give to the Ministry Acceleration Fund, click here: or mail a check, with “Ministry Acceleration Fund” in the memo line, to:

Crossway Bible Church

16111 San Pedro Ave. #109

San Antonio, Texas 78232


For questions, call 210-802-8616 or email Pastor Trebes at [email protected]

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