REPORTS TO: Senior Pastor

STATUS: Full-Time Salaried Position

SUMMARY:Crossway Bible Church is a discipleship-focused church in San Antonio, Texas. We are committed to unapologetically preaching the authority of Scripture, exalting Christ in worship, an active belief in the vital activity of prayer, and boldly sharing the good news of Christ. The foundation for this has been laid throughout our first 8 years, and we are excited to build upon this and shepherd the flock more effectively, expand our gospel impact, and equip the next generation of members and leaders for greater gospel fruitfulness.

The Church Administrator (CA) will work closely with the Senior Pastor to develop and coordinate the overall administration and management of the church, with specific oversight in the areas below.  

The CA will provide administrative assistance to the Senior Pastor as well as handle much of the administration of the church at large. The primary goal of this position is to provide support in the spirit of Acts 6:2-4, ensuring that the Senior Pastor is able to center his weekly emphasis on his primary areas of responsibility, and improving excellence and urgency with which administration and projects are handled.


    • GOSPEL TRANSFORMATION & CHARACTER: Must have a clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ – and be spiritually mature, teachable, trustworthy, humble to follow and able to lead. 
    • THEOLOGY: Must enthusiastically embrace the doctrine, mission, and ministry philosophy of Crossway Bible Church and be a church member and active participant in a Small Group.
    • PERSONALITY: Must exhibit a congenial work attitude as well as strong criticality (candid and challenging others without pushing too hard) and urgency (operating at a brisk pace with an emphasis on completion)
    • COMMUNICATION: Must be clear and congenial in written and verbal communication and have excellent listening skills. 
    • ABILITIES: Must excel at administration and management with attention to detail – and be very comfortable with technology.


Administration for the Senior Pastor
    • Calendaring–working to ensure that meetings are scheduled in an effective manner
    • Communication–serving as a filter and organizer for the Senior Pastor’s emails, texts, and phone calls
    • Coordination–serving as liaison between Senior Pastor and outside organizations, ministry teams, volunteers, and sometimes other staff
    • Expenses–manage monthly expense reports
    • Travel–assisting Senior Pastor with all aspects of travel
    • Project completion–driving Senior Pastor initiated projects to the finish line
    • Special meetings/routines–organizing meetings or helping with routines such as: Monday Flock Talk, Tuesday Exegetical Lunch, Wednesday Run-Thru, and Thursday Composition Cave
Administration for the Church at Large
    • Managing official communication and correspondence–incoming and outgoing mail, church-wide email, office phone
    • Overseeing vendors and outside organizations–outsourced janitorial service, garbage collection, pest control, facility maintenance companies, etc.
    • Managing and organizing supplies and materials–office, kitchen, books, merchandise
    • Process improvement–developing and fine-tuning organizational processes
    • Church Management System database–working with our CMS (Planning Center Online) to keep records current and useful
Teams and Project Management
    • Ministry Teams–serve as staff-level coordination and support for Ushers, Greeters, Conversationalists, Benevolence, Coffee Teams, etc.
    • Special Projects or Events–spearheading special projects and events from time to time such as Simeon Trust workshops, assisting with the interview process for new hires, etc.


    • A competitive salary and benefits package commensurate with experience will be provided.


IN GENERAL: This person will do what is necessary to assist the Senior Pastor in fulfilling the mission and vision of Crossway Bible Church. This job description is subject to periodic review and revision.