Saturday March 30 | 8am – 4pm. 

$25 register online. 

Lunch is Provided. 

There will not be childcare. 


Understanding God’s call on his church in the areas of discipleship, care and mutual ministry is crucial. Biblical counseling has historically modeled aspects of these areas well and small group type ministries have given consistent avenue for them to play out. But often the tendency is for these two ministries to grow separately rather than together.
Soul Care seeks to intentionally bring the best of biblical counseling into the small group setting of the local church. For discipleship and care to happen—from the life-on-life one anothers of Scripture to the intensive care and crisis needs of the body—the church has to consistently and specifically equip in soul care at every level of discipleship throughout the church.
Soul Care Fundamentals will explore the connection between counseling and a vibrant small group ministry. We will describe a path forward for folks at all levels of commitment, involvement and leadership in the church showing how these two ministries can work together in a well-rounded discipleship ministry.

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