We're hiring. Director of Family ministries at Crossway San Antonio

We are excited for the opportunity to hire a full-time Director of Family Ministries. This position will lead, manage and develop the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry. We are looking for someone who is spiritually mature and who can guide volunteers and parents in biblical disciple making. This person will also coordinate extensive details including scheduling, budgets, and ministry plans, so organization and administrative skills will be extremely important.


Pastor/Minister/Director of Family Ministries

SUMMARY:  This position will work closely with the Senior Pastor to advance the Children’s and Youth Ministries’ objective of equipping families in biblical parenting and disciple-making.

REPORTS TO:  Senior Pastor

STATUS: Full-time employee

QUALIFICATIONS: This person must be spiritually mature, teachable, trustworthy, humble to follow and able to lead.  This individual must have interpersonal and leadership skills to lead and manage several large teams. A qualified candidate can communicate effectively, follow-up diligently – drive to clarity about expectations – and have conversations about jobs well-done and not-so-well done. This person will need to build teams and shepherd groups – as well as counsel and guide volunteers and parents in biblical disciple-making. Organization and administrative skills will be important. Enthusiastically embracing the doctrine, mission, and ministry philosophy of Crossway Bible Church will be critical. Formal training in ministry or theological studies is required. The ideal candidate would aspire to eventually be an elder in our church. Our hope is the individual in this position would continue our practice of raising up volunteer leaders to assume greater and greater levels of responsibility for ministry tasks under his supervision and that he be free to focus on cultivating an atmosphere of fellowship and discipleship where emerging leadership skills in others can be developed.




Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry

  • Implement, monitor, and continue to develop all aspects of Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry
  • Coordinate work flow for all Children’s Ministry including Children’s Ministry Scheduler, Classroom Coordinators, teachers, and check-in workers. Coordinate work flow for Youth Ministry including Youth Ministry Coordinator, volunteer Bible teachers, and small group leaders
  • Ensure volunteer personnel are recruited, background-checked, trained, equipped, and scheduled
  • Ensure volunteer personnel are welcomed, thanked, encouraged, equipped, and held accountable for commitments and standards
  • Ensure weekly reminders and follow-ups with volunteers and parents are communicated
  • Ensure curriculum is properly condensed and distributed
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with and development of church policies and procedures
  • Give direction and accountability to the Youth Ministry volunteer teams responsible for planning, hosting, and fundraising for events such as summer camp, one-day retreats, and out-reach events
  • Ensure development and/or maintenance of ministry visioning and control documents such as Mission/Vision/Values statement, org chart, 3-year goals and 1-year milestones, playbook, student and leader rosters, event calendar, leader job descriptions, curriculum plan, competencies targets, volunteer applications, and background checks

Support Coordination

  • Ensure childcare resources are in place for some special events and adult classes


  • Attend to administrative details for the functioning of this role (especially budgeting, expense monitoring, planning, and communication)

IN GENERAL: This person will do what is necessary to assist the Senior Pastor in fulfilling the mission and Four Pillars of Crossway Bible Church

Please join us in praying God’s provision for this role, and if you or someone you know would be interested in this position, send a resume to:

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